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Pastoral Care of Vocation

The pastoral care of vocation springs from the individual and communal witness to the Franciscan life. It consists of the totality of the pastoral activities carried out by the friars and by the fraternities so that each Christian may follow his own specific vocation in the Church. It springs, in particular from the proposal of the charism of St. Francis as a comprehensive project of life (cf. GGCC 144, 145, 2) objectives The pastoral care of vocations prepares the fraternities to welcome those who show an interest in the Franciscan charism, so that they may find a concrete proposal of life, according to the invitation of Jesus: “Come and See” (Jn 1,39) The pastoral care of vocations supports and accompanies the aspirants on their journey of faith so that they may come to know themselves, get to know ever better the figures of Jesus Christ and St. Francis and can discern their own vocation and arrives at a choice of life. ​

The pastoral care of vocations attentively nurtures the Catholic faith of candidates for the Order (cc. Rb2:3), mindful of the fact that the environment from which they come does not always offer the possibility of knowing and practicing an authentic life of faith. Vocation Search-In Activities Discernment and accompaniment are two necessary aspects of establishing a culture of vocation among the young. A search-in program called YAPAK-HAKBANG-BAGTAS to promote, facilitate, and cultivate the culture of vocation. The Search-in Program is a 3-phase program designed for the discernment and accompaniment model.

YAPAK, a Filipino term used to remove one’s sandals and having a feel of the ground; “remove your sandal for this is a holy ground”.

In the vocational journey, there is a need to have a feel of the life and community or the acquaintance aspect of discernment. A certain inconvenience is necessary to adjust because one is removing something of his comfort towards a certain purpose.

HAKBANG, a Filipino term denoting a single move forward; or a step ahead. In the vocation journey having been acquainted and had the desire to continue the journey a step is needed, a personal initiative and move are necessary as the adage always says, ‘a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

” BAGTAS, a Filipino term used to show a longer walk or traversing; In the vocational journey, when one felt the desire to continue with the deeper discernment with the Franciscan vocation and mission in the Church BYAHE, is a Filipino version synonymous to journey, travel, pilgrimage. This program is an extension of the participants of YAPAK-HAKBANG-BAGTAS for those who are finishing their studies or accomplishing missions outside and being accompanied by the office of vocation.


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Being fully formed in the Franciscan way of life is a multi-step process, one that lasts a lifetime! A commitment to this formation in every phase of life calls forth and strengthens our Christian and religious identity as Franciscan friars.

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