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Franciscan Communications Office

The main objective of the office is to provide the latest information, news, and updates on the life of the Province of San Pedro Bautista in the Philippines and of the Franciscans at large.

Media for Evangelization Office (MEO) is the technical arm or the production outfit of the Franciscan Communications with several tasks such as Print, Digital, Internet Information and Media Library Media Services.

The PMS is in charge of the layout, quality control, and printing of the regular publications, designs, and layout.

Digital Media Services (DMS) takes care of the recording and production of digital audio-visual material for various video productions.

The Internet Information Service (IIS) is in charge of updating and maintaining the website of the Province, and the official Social Media platforms of the Province.

Media Library Service (MLS) keeps in a well organized archival system all the multimedia materials produced and collected by the office. It ensures that all the friars have the opportunity to avail themselves of the use of any of the multimedia materials as the need arises. 

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The Team

The team is composed of friars and lay partners.

Fr. Jhoan D. Pader, OFM


Supervised and manage the over all operations of the office.

Br. Aaron Dick Batistis, OFM

Media Director

Director of the Media Evangelization programs.

Fr. Andres Rañoa, Jr., OFM

Editor In-Chief

Create and manage contents for the "Communicator" the official Franciscan magazine of the Province

Romeo V. Ogmar, Jr.

Senior Assistant 

Perform multi-media tasks. Cameraman, Video Editor, Website builder, Graphic Designer and Technical crew. 

Joevin Kent T. Calabita

Junior Assistant (Probation)

Under Probation.

Shirley Felices

Talent Coordinator

Invites  and coordinates with talents for productions.